Arbequina oil with Paprika and Fried Garlic. Condiment.

11,75 (VAT incl.)

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil condiment combines two basic elements of the Spanish cuisine which are smoked Paprika and fresh fried Garlic.

Fresh fried garlic provides a mild and intense taste, which is aromatized by the smoked Paprika. Traditional and childhood spanish tastes and aromas.

250 ml bottle.

Olive Oil and garlic have healthy cardio and antioxidant properties are added to those provided by Paprika Carotene and K vitamin.

Based on Spanish cooking traditional aromas, such as garlic and smoked paprika, it is ideal to dress and aromatize fish, poultry and sautéed vegetables.

It is perfect for short or flash poultry macerations, such as chicken, guinea-fowl or precious poulards or poultry capons.

It is perfect for creamy rice that need recognizable and traditional aromas. No doubt, it is perfect to season mash potato, sweet potato or celery. It is even recommended with squids or octopus.

It is commonly used to season international dishes if we want to make them taste like home-made food.

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