In search of Excellence, generation after generation

Olive oil producers for more than a century.

Valderrama family has been passing the baton since 1853. Olive groves and olive mill know-how has been running in the family for more than 160 years in Córdoba and Toledo.

Knowledge and experience are the basis of this know-how that is
constantly being improved with manufacturing and farming techniques
pursuing the highest excellence ever year after year, and generation
after generation.

The outcome: A range of Valderrama Extra Virgin Olive Oils available at best 21st century restaurants.

In Memoriam 1941-2024

Our olive trees have been growing for more than 100 years in our estates in Córdoba and Toledo

Our Estate farms and olive mills

Cotanillo estate is located in La Pueblanueva, Toledo,
in Castilla La Mancha, just a few kilometres away from Talavera de la
Reina and at one and a half hours from Madrid by car.

It comprises an extension of 223 hectares, being the home to 62,000
olive trees of Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Cornicabra varieties. This
olive grove is home to young trees providing the highest quality fruit,
which are, in turn, our true olive oil factories.

Cotanillo is scored by the Tajo River and at the bottom of the Sierra de
Gredos, thus being an amazing landscape to visitors in the middle of
the countryside. It is in this environment that Valderrama olive trees
are painstakingly grown, while offering numerous activities to them such
as rural tourism, trekking, horse-riding, canoing, etc.

San Rafael estate is located in Montilla, Cordoba, region of Andalucia, in the High Cordobese Countryside and covers a total of 133 hectares, where 12,000 olive trees of around a hundred-years old and of Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picudo, Ocal and Picual varieties are planted to provide olives to produce Valderrama oils.

At World’s Best Restaurants

Valderrama Extra Virgin Olive Oils are enjoyed by customers and at renowned restaurants all around the world.

Sustainability R+D+I

Pioneers in using Ozone in the production process

100% Ecologic.

O3 is a natural chemical-free powerful bacteria disinfectant.
O3 is generated at the olive mill.
Olives are thoroughly and ecologically cleaned, saving more than a million litres of recycled water.
Process unpleasant odours are fully eliminated.
The use of Ozone in olive fields through fertigation to kill bacteria of olives.

Satellite follow-up stations

Stations interconnected via Satellite.
Olive growth control by plots.
Sap circulation control and follow-up.
Minimize water consumption.
This Project was carried out by different universities and coordinated by the CDTI (The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology).
It allows optimizing water consumption, as well as applying the necessary fertilizers to the soil (plot).


Process and quality improvement

A fast cutting-edge filtering system.

Oil is better and quicker stabilized just after its being centrifuged.
We obtain a more balanced and milder taste.
Chlorophylle is kept longer, so that colour is slightly greener.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are being awarded by experts and consumers.

International Prestige

Chef, the most renowned Japanese gastronomic magazine, has praised Valderrama products for their careful selection and manufacturing processes and commitment to quality.

The Washington Post, has quoted the quality of Valderrama extra virgin olive oil during its interview at the well-known restaurant called The French Laundry owned by the chef Thomas Keller.