Valderrama with Truffle and Smoked

Truffled Valderrama

The Ocal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our smoothest variety infused with Natural White Truffles (Magnatum Pico) and Black Truffle (Melanosporum). A unique additive-free condiment of natural aromas and tastes, no artificial aroma. The pure and persistent natural truffle aromas and tastes at reach. It is a perfect condiment for different pasta dishes, rice, vegetables, eggs, carpaccio, etc.
Ingredients: 99% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1% Natural Tuber Magnatum Pico Truffle or 1% Tuber Melanosporum Truffle and their Natural Aromas from the White and Black Truffle themselves.

Smoked Valderrama

Oak and Beech handcrafted smoked Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil condiment keeps all its fruity characteristics, as it is smoked at cold temperatures, while adding a smoked aroma and taste. Perfect to finish grilled fish and meat dishes, as well as for grilled vegetables. It provides pasta with an original touch, and it is delicious with cured cheese or mayonnaise.
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and smoked beech and oak wood aroma.