What makes us unique

Aroma, freshness and smoothness

Valderrama Extra Virgin Olive Oil DNA.

Valderrama Oils are easily distinguished by their AROMA that jealously bottles memories of the countryside and the fruit.

They also feature that natural FRESHNESS just after harvesting of product manufactured at cold temperatures, at19º C.

Its characteristic SMOOTHNESS of a clean and full taste enhance taste of dish without hiding them.

Valderrama’s secret lies on capturing and bottling the spirit of the countryside in a blink of an eye: in less than an hour.

Our method

In cold temperature and in less than an hour.
Our olive mills thoroughly explained.

Process starts with harvest of olives at its optimum ripe point. Olives are carried to the olive mill for their selection and a Jacuzzi-cleaning in just ten minutes.

Minutes later, olive milling, shaking and its cold extraction take place at less than 19ºC. A litre of Valderrama oil requires approximately 9 kilos of olives. The first pressed oil produced, which is the purest and freshest is naturally descanted and later filtered.

The Oil is then stored in the cellar, where it will rest in an inert nitrogen environment in order to prevent oxidation until bottling, which it is done just in time.

A unique quality control

Experts distinguish the high quality extra virgin olive oils based on the exceptional values of their phenolic compounds.

Valderrama’s facilities include a cutting-edge and sophisticated measurement laboratory equipped with a chromatograph (HPLC) for liquids, chromatograph for gases, ultraviolet light spectrophotometer and electronic nose system to track and analyse the evolution of hydro soluble compounds.

An exhaustive unique and exclusive, quality control, which does not only objectively complete the necessary tasting stage, but also provides a scientific base of the organoleptic qualities, as well as those related to the health that characterised Valderrama Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Valderrama has been awarded the most important international quality certificates.