Arbequina Oil and Fresh Chili pepper. Condiment.

10,90 (VAT incl.)

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil condiment is macerated with fresh Chili peppers. Provide herbal and spicy tastes.

Its clean taste and spicy nature comes from being free of any chemical elements and additives. Mild when coming into your mouth to reveal itself at the end of the palate.

250 ml bottle.

A healthy product that mixes, on the one hand, Olive Oil antioxidant properties, and, on the other, the original chili pepper ones, such as digestive, painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties.

This oil is perfect to marinate and give a spicy touch to any dish, but more to legume and vegetable stews.

When being added to soups, ramen, pasta or rice dishes, it features a toasted chili pepper taste that is tastier than simple fresh chili peppers macerated with extra virgin olive oil.

It expresses in full when drizzling a few drops into cooked doughs such as pie, pizzas, focaccias or toasted bread.

Roast a head of garlic, remove the pulp and add chili pepper oil, a pinch of salt and you would obtain garlic dressing to spread on a bread toast. Amazing!

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