Only Valderrama guarantees the quality of the oil’s water-soluble components

Experts distinguish high-quality premium extra virgin olive oils based on the exceptional values of their components.

Among these, the water soluble components are especially highlighted, since -even being at the most just 1.5 % of the total volumeare directly responsible for important properties such as flavour, aroma, high antioxidant content and vitamins. In short, the water- soluble components are responsible for the final quality of premium extra virgin oil.

In order to guarantee the highest presence of these components in our oils, some years ago, Valderrama set up a remarkably modern and full equipped measuring laboratory including liquid chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography,

Visible ultraviolet spectrophotometer and Electronic nose which analyze how this water-soluble components should evolve during the production process.

It is an exhaustive, exclusive and unique quality control that not only complements objectively the essential tasting process but also grants a scientific basis to the welcomed organoleptic properties and to those health-related ones to be found in Valderrama extra virgin oil.