Valderrama’s secret lies in capturing and bottling the spirit of the countryside in the blink of an eye: in less than an hour.

The process begins in the olive grove fields, collecting the olives at their optimum maturity stage.

Just in about ten minutes afterwards, the recently harvested olives are placed at the mill which by no chance located next to the olive trees.

After cleaning them in a Jacuzzi which avoids fruit breakage and the corresponding loss of polyphenolsand within a few minutes, take place the olives crushing, beating and cold extaction processes at a temperature never exceeding 190C (660F).

It is an entilrely mechanical process. We obtain approximately one litre of unfiltered oil out of nine kilos of olives. That is the first, the purest and freshest, which undergoes a natural decantation process.

All this process could be completed in just three quarters of an hour. Once in the cellar, the oil is stored in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen to prevent its oxidation before being bottled, which is only done under customer order.